Painting a room Essay

Painting can be described as the process of applying color to a wall or object for the purpose of art or aesthetics. Over the years, people have become more and more interested in learning how to paint their own houses due to the rising cost of hiring a painter.


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Painting can take anything from a few hours to a day or several days depending of the size of the surface being painted and the pattern.

As a first step, all furniture in the room should be covered or removed to protect them form paint stains. Remove wall fittings, and ceiling hangings and cover electrical sockets will appropriate dry paper. Cover the floor with waste paper like newspapers so that any paint dripping from the ceiling or the walls does not stain it. Below are a few steps that can help you do a good paint job using a roller; written in a information process as explained by Click III (35)

As is common with all painting tools, wet the roller as a first step to make it blend easily with legit paint. Water is used to wet rollers used with latex paints while thinners are used for other types of paint. Remove excess moisture from the roller by rolling it over an absorbent material.

Be careful not to use an absorbent with any type of ink as this may be picked up by the roller. Half fill the roller pan well, and as accurately as possible fit the roller at the center of the well.

Raise the roller and move it along the slope of the pan severally to a point just below the well to allow the paint to flow into the roller. Now, immerse the roller into the well again until it is saturated. Be careful however, to ensure that the roller is not overloaded; an overloaded roller will drip, slide and smear the wall instead of giving a neat paint job.

For the best paint job, it is suggested that the work is divided into areas of 3sq.ft.To do the painting, move the roller up and down in a zigzag manner without lifting the roller off the wall Fill the spaces in between the zigzag pattern with similar zigzag patterns but in the horizontal plane.


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Continue with light strokes from the areas that haven’t received paint to the painted area to do the finishing. After this, now lift the roller off the wall carefully so it does not leave undesirable marks and move to the next 3sq.ft area. After the next area is done, smooth it and carefully blend it into the previous area to get a complete paint job.

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